White House Touts ‘Transgender Victims’ for 2024 Campaign

LIMA, PERU - 2022/06/30: A Transgender woman from the LGBT community holds a sit-in in front of the prosecutor's office to protest the lack of security and the aggression and extortion of which they are victims by pimps. On June 29th "Sharon" a transgender woman was shot in Lima downtown …
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President Joe Biden’s deputies are touting the invented “Transgender Day of Remembrance” to help mobilize election-year action among women who want to care for others, say critics.

“Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we grieve the 26 transgender Americans who were killed this year,” White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, adding, “Year after year, we see that these victims are disproportionately black, women, and women of color. No one should face violence or live in fear, or be discriminated against simply for being themselves.”

Twenty-six deaths is a tragedy — yet the White House is choosing to make those deaths a national issue in a nation of 330 million people where millions die every year from myriad causes.

In 2022, for example, 19 people died from lightning.

Also, “at least three [of the claimed “transgender” people] were killed while committing acts of violence,” said a November 20 article in the Federalist, which added:

Leftist LGBT activist organization Human Rights Campaign remembered [Manuel “Tortuguita”] Teran as an “Indigenous queer and non-binary environmental activist and community organizer” who was shot and killed by cops during a raid in Georgia in January 2023. At the time, Teran was one of several “forest defenders” who camped out on land in an attempt to stifle the development of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

Democrats are pushing the “Transgender Day of Remembrance” idea because it helps to create a new victim class that will stimulate sympathy from disconnected women who are seeking purpose and status, Natasha Chart, a former left-wing activist who quit amid bullying from self-serving male transgender activists, told Breitbart News.

Many “young women on the left … want to be Florence Nightingale or Mother Teresa,” she said. For some women, “it’s a degree of caring for others that becomes pathological, where you’re harming yourself and others around you and you don’t even see it.”

The White House’s “Day of Remembrance,” Chart added, “is also inherently abusive” of the supposedly transgender people, many of whom are killed by enraged customers while acting as prostitutes:

It can’t be used to help the [transgender] people it’s supposed to help because when you’re lying, you’re not helping people with their real problems. The real problem of an effeminate gay man trapped in prostitution … is not that [bigoted] people don’t believe he’s a woman … [The problem is that] it’s obviously going to go horribly wrong [because the male customers] have been deliberately deceived about what I think most of us could agree is a very important material fact.

The “Day of Remembrance “is a lie,” said gay advocate Chad Felix Greene. “These lives are exploited for politics, money and spreading hatred and bigotry.”

He continued:

There are estimated to be around 1.6 – 2 million trans people in the US. 33 victims of violent crime is not an epidemic of violence or any indication of a mass threat. Moreover the vast majority were non-bias crimes like domestic violence, drugs, sex work or accidental deaths.

“There’s no specific anti-trans threat,” he added.

The Democrats’ exploitation of their created victims was spotlighted by Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, who fended off a GOP rival by declaring himself the good-hearted defender of vulnerable kids. He told MSNBC on November 20:

The way these super PACs and my opponent went about their campaign, it was just mean. It was gross. It was cruel. And people don’t like that. That’s not who we are. This ought to be a message that you can’t scapegoat people just to get folks angry. And is wrong think about what some people are doing, trying to dehumanize other human beings.

“This is how it’s always been,” responded Terry Schilling, director of the American Principles Project., adding:

When we were attacking Andy Beshear in Kentucky for supporting the [pro-transgender] Equality Act, we said this would destroy girls’ sports. His campaign’s response was, “These are garbage attacks by people that just want to bully trans kids … You just want to pick on these poor kids that are unhappy and are suicidal.

That message is catnip for the Democrat’s corps of young women, said Chart:

They really want to feel like they’re fighting against injustice, historically grave injustice and deadly injustice. They’re trying to recapture the glory of past generations of freedom fighters.

That desire makes them vulnerable to White House manipulation, she added. For example, the Democrats’ bizarre claim that men are women serves as “a compliance and obedience test, and a really good one,” she said.

By publicly accepting the claim, the women — and some men — are making “a strong act of public submission” to the party and its agenda on transgenderism, climate, and immigration, she said.

For many, she added, “The standard is, you have to be the most self-abnegating person possible.”


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