Two Egyptian Soccer Players Killed in Riots

Two Egyptian Soccer Players Killed in Riots

Two Egyptian soccer players in Port Said were shot to death on their way to practice after riots broke out in Egypt after an Egyptian judge handed down the death penalty to 21 people accused of being involved in one of the deadliest soccer riots in the country’s history last year. 

According to reports, Mahmoud Abdel-Halim al-Dizawi, of Port Said’s Al-Marikh club, and Tamer al-Fahla, “who used to play for the city’s main Al-Masry team” were shot to death in the melees that ensued after the verdict. 

Last February, in a match between Port Said’s Al-Masry team and Cairo’s Al-Ahly team, Al-Masry fans attacked Al-Ahly’s fans after Al-Masry, the Port Said team, won the match 3-1.

Al-Ahly fans threatened “more violence” if the the judge did not hand down the death penalty.

As noted, one of the soccer players who was shot had played for Al-Masry’s team.