Dunk Contest Participant Announcement: No Dr. J for a While

Dunk Contest Participant Announcement: No Dr. J for a While

When the ABA folded the surviving teams were picked up by the NBA. The NBA rejected the multi-colored beach balls used in NBA games, but did end up incorporating the three-point line and the dunk contest that had featured David Thompson and Dr. J.

For many, the favorite part of the NBA All-Star festivities was the Slam Dunk Contest. Some of the game’s biggest stars would show off the game’s greatest athletic feats. Sometimes you would see some duds, but there was always a chance to see something special, and the player’s loved to compete and they wanted to win.

Thank goodness it was still around when Michael Jordan started his career.

However, as just about every variation of dunk has been used (yes, jumping over a car was new), the dunk contest is being skipped by the superstars of the league – much as some baseball sluggers do not like to adjust their swing from level to uppercut for a day for the home run contest.

Some stopped watching Slam Dunk Contests around the Vince Carter years, and the announcement of the new line-ups may not change minds this year. Contrary to the tradition of having some of the game’s elite names participate, the NBA once again announced a lackluster lineup of role players who, truth be told, will not excite even the most die-hard NBA fan.

There is no Dominique Wilkins or Michael Jordan amongst the lineup of Eric Bledsoe (Clippers), Kenneth Faried (Nuggets), Gerald Green (Pacers), Terrence Ross (Raptors), James White (Knicks), and reigning champion Jeremy Evans (Jazz).