Cowboys work to keep Lackluster Quarterback

Cowboys work to keep Lackluster Quarterback

Tony Romo is about to get a contract extension, to “reward” his performance and recognize his talent. Unfortunately for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, the contract is being given to Romo for going 17-21 in his last 38 starts and for a league-high 19 interceptions last season.

Strangely, it is likely that such results will yield a high figure contract for Romo.

It has been three seasons since the Dallas Cowboys were in the NFL Playoffs, yet “America’s Team” now seems set to tie their future to the 32 year old arm of Tony Romo.

On top of the fact that Romo has certainly fallen outside of the top ten of NFL quarterbacks, he was still a choke artist back when he was performing at a higher level. Despite being the starting quarterback for the Cowboys since 2006, the aging Romo has won one playoff game and that abysmal record is due in large part to his incredible knack for being the best player for the OTHER team in key games and situations.

If you are one of many Dallas fans frustrated and scratching your head at why the Cowboys are thinking that hanging on to this fading quarterback is a good thing, you are not alone. For those that love to hate the Cowboys, you can keep smiling. It looks like Dallas is about to spend a lot of money to lock down the 4th best quarterback in the NFC East for another few years.

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