New Document Allegedly Links MVP Braun, Steroids

New Document Allegedly Links MVP Braun, Steroids

New documents in the Ryan Braun steroid scandal shed additional light on the Milwaukee Brewer star’s alleged use of performance enhancing drugs in 2011 MVP season.  Yahoo! Sports first reported Braun’s name appears alongside fellow Major League stars Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Nelson Cruz, and Gio Gonzalez in Biogenesis of America LLC’s records. 

The clinic allegedly provided performance enhancing substances to those players and others.

Braun tested positive for performance enhancing drugs during the playoffs of his 2011 MVP year.  Many concluded steroids, rather than Ryan Braun’s naturally-developed talent, were responsible for him winning the league’s top honor. 

For two years, a cloud has hovered over the NL slugger, as a breakdown in the evidence’s chain of custody led to his 50-game suspension being overturned.  The case was never resolved on the merits.

Braun has consistently denied using steroids or any illegal performance enhancing drugs.  Since the recent documents have become public, Braun has refused to comment on the matter, stating only that he is “not going to address that issue any further.” 

 The latest documents could undermine his denials.