Top 10 NCAA Men's Basketball Teams that Could Win Title

Top 10 NCAA Men's Basketball Teams that Could Win Title

This season has been one of the least predictable in modern college basketball history, with top 5 teams falling every week and no unbeatable monoliths to be seen. That said, there are some teams with marginally better shots than others. They include: 

10. Arizona. They have not dominated a weak Pac-12, but have shown enough to prove challenging on the national stage.

9. Louisville. Loaded with talent and Pitino always has his teams playing their best ball at the end.

8. Kansas. Again, have not dominated their league but have been competitive against every good team they have played.

7. Gonzaga. Good team but they have not been tested because their schedule has been soft as cake.

6. Syracuse. Some bad losses but also some elite wins. Now healthy and playing well together.

5. Michigan State. Impressive showing in the nation’s toughest conference.

4. Duke. Very vulnerable away from Cameron Indoor (See: Terrapins, Maryland), where zero NCAA tourney games are scheduled to be played this year.  

3. Florida. Another team that was not whole for much of the season but is now together and playing great ball.  

2. Indiana. The difference between Indiana and any of the top teams is very small, but the Hoosiers appear to be hitting their stride now.

1. Miami. If you did not believe in Jim Larranaga before, it’s time to start. The ‘Canes are for real.

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