Rodman: I Will Not Apologize for 'Great Guy' Kim Jong Un

Rodman: I Will Not Apologize for 'Great Guy' Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman, the flamboyant former Chicago Bulls star, said he would not apologize for his new “friend” Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator with whom he met last week in what is believed to be the first meeting between Jong Un and an American. 

In a bizarre interview on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Rodman insisted the dictator who has killed many of his own people and has threatened to destroy the United States and South Korea was a “great guy” and insisted he was his “friend” even though he does not “condone what he does.” 

“No, I’m not apologizing for him,” Rodman said. “I think the fact that, you know, he’s a good guy to me. Guess what, he’s my friend. Guess what, I don’t condone what he does, but as far as a person to person, he’s my friend.”

Rodman, sporting a hat, sunglasses, and a jacket with money drawn on it, kept insisting that Jong Un was “only 28 years old.”

“This is what I think, when you grow up in that–an environment, especially when your grandpa and your father–now, one thing, the kid is only 28 years old,” Rodman said. “The kid’s only 28. He’s not his dad. He’s not his grandfather.”

Rodman also said he felt the dictator was actually “humble” before saying it was obvious he “loves power” and “control.” 

“He’s very humble,” Rodman said. “I can tell by him, he does one thing, he loves–he loves power. He loves control … but … he’s a great guy. He’s just a great guy.”

In the same interview, Rodman said Kim Jong Un told him that he wanted President Barack Obama to call him and compared North Korea’s death camps to former President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. 

Rodman said he wanted to make a return trip to North Korea.

Photo credit: ABC News