March Madness Friday Viewer Guide: Can Colorado, UCLA Keep Pac-12 Undefeated?

March Madness Friday Viewer Guide: Can Colorado, UCLA Keep Pac-12 Undefeated?

The rallies and parties are in full swing today in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Dayton and Austin as 32 more teams and their alumni bases hope to give their teams strong send-offs. The following is the schedule of all 32 games, and which teams are favorites. The big news from Thursday was the Pac-12 and A-10 teams exceeding expectations by double digits, and that is a scary thought a Colorado tries to make the conference 4-0 at 4:40 ET against Illinois. Colorado is one of only eight teams in the tournament with two players in the Top 50 of Value Add.

In addition to the table below breaking down each game, you can click here for more info on each team and their top players.

Colorado is a 10-seed and we already had them picked for the upset over Illinois, and with the Pac-12 being the first conference to ever have two 12-seeds win in the same tournament yesterday, they can keep the conference going strong. Spencer Dinwiddie (18th best player in Value Add) and Andre Robertson (45th best) put Colorado in pretty elite class, as every other team in the tournament with more than one top 50 players is a national contender (Duke, Florida, Gonzaga, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Ohio State).

As for the chances that the Pac-12 goes undefeated in the first round, UCLA rounds out the night against Minnesota with a 9:57 p.m. tipoff. We had them pegged for a deep run until they lost their best player – Jordan Adams, to a broken foot at the end of the season. The day starts off with what should be a blowout of Duke over Albany with a 12:15 tipoff, but things get very interesting 25 minutes later when the crazy style of Marshall Henderson of Mississippi takes on the disciplined tempo and defense of Wisconsin.

Time (ET) Our Favorite Rat Our Underdog Rat Team NBA Top3 Hot Sr.Gu Heal
12:15 PM Duke 42 Albany 8 d d d a a d
12:40 PM Wisconsin 27 Mississippi 22 w   w      
1:40 PM North Carolina St. 31 Temple 18 n n n   t  
2:10 PM Miami FL 25 Pacific 16 m m m m p  
2:45 PM Creighton 31 Cincinnati 20 cr cr cr cr    
3:10 PM Kansas St. 25 LaSalle 20 k k l k   k
4:10 PM Indiana 47 James Madison 10 i i i j j  
4:40 PM Colorado 25 Illinois 20     c c    
6:50 PM Georgetown 35 Florida Gulf Coast 14 g g g g    
7:15 PM Ohio St. 37 Iona 21 o o o o i o
7:20 PM North Carolina 30 Villanova 21 n n n v   v
7:27 PM Florida 39 Northwestern St. 15 f f f f f n
9:20 PM San Diego St. 22 Oklahoma 22 s s s o o  
9:45 PM Notre Dame 28 Iowa St. 21 n n n n i i
9:50 PM Kansas 38 Western Kentucky 7 k k k k w  
9:57 PM Minnesota 30 UCLA 27 m u     m m