US, Russia, Iran to Wrestle in New York

US, Russia, Iran to Wrestle in New York

(AP) US, Russia and Iran to wrestle in New York
AP Sports Writer
The governments of the United States and Russia can sometimes be at odds.

Americans and Iranians rarely see eye to eye on anything.

But the possibility of wrestling losing its Olympic spot has given these three often-divergent nations a cause to rally around.

The U.S., Russian and Iranian wrestling teams will meet on Wednesday for an historic exhibition in New York. It’s a showcase event for what the sport’s international governing body has dubbed “World Wrestling Month.”

The New York exhibition, known as “The Rumble on the Rails” and to be held at Grand Central Terminal, is designed to highlight the sport’s international appeal and popularity.

Nenad Lalovic, the acting president of wrestling’s governing body, says this crisis has forced all wrestling nations to stick together.