Aaron Hernandez Search Warrant Documents Released

Aaron Hernandez Search Warrant Documents Released

On Tuesday, search warrants released in the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation revealed Hernandez slammed the door to his mansion shut and locked it behind him when officers first told him they were conducting a death investigation. 

Hernandez has pled not guilty to the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd. He is in jail after being denied bail twice, and documents indicate that police discovered that a phone number with a 203 area code in Lloyd’s phone was Hernandez’s when they called the number and Hernandez’s phone rang while he was at the police station. Police obtained the first search warrant a day after Lloyd’s death and there are reportedly a total of eight.

Other revelations in the 156 pages of documents include items taken from Hernandez’s home–like iPads and iPhones–and a gunshot residue test conducted on Hernandez’s bed. Police also “found a scale and dish used to weigh drugs and dozens of bullets in Aaron Hernandez’s home.” Hernandez’s girlfriend reportedly told police that Lloyd had been a marijuana dealer.

Hernandez’s girlfriend, whose sister was dating Lloyd, was reportedly cooperating with police until Hernandez’s agent called and instructed her not to do so anymore. Officers also obtained a search warrant for Hernandez’s locker. 

They also reportedly found a bullet and blue bubble gum in an Enterprise rental car Hernandez returned under a child’s drawing. The Enterprise manager reportedly said Hernandez offered her Bubblicious gum while he was returning his car. 

Police also “have a video from security camera on Fayston Street showing Lloyd getting into a silver Nissan Altima matching a car Hernandez rented on June 17.” In addition, documents revealed “Lloyd’s body found with his wallet a cell phone, $64.75 in cash and two sets of keys for a black Chevy Suburban. The last call to Lloyd’s phone was from Ernest Wallace, who is an accessory to murder at 2:32 a.m. Less than an hour later, Lloyd sent his last text to his sister about being with ‘NFL.'”

Police have still not recovered the murder weapon that was used to kill Lloyd. 


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