AL Power Rankings: No Consensus No. 1

AL Power Rankings: No Consensus No. 1

The AL is pretty much the same as last week. Well, except for one thing. There is no consensus no. 1 team. 

     1. Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays

Can anyone blame me? Boston is only one-half game ahead of Tampa Bay, but they did not perform well against them. Monday night is a make-up from last Thursday’s rainout, but even if Boston wins it only means they tied the series. Do not be surprised if this battle between the two lasts the rest of the season.

2. Oakland A’s

They can’t stop winning against teams in their division and took a six game lead over the Texas Rangers. They have the same record as the Rays, which means the Red Sox are only one-half game ahead of them. The trade deadline is sneaking up and they might pick up another starter to help Bartolo Colon. If they do they will be unstoppable.

3. Detroit Tigers

They won 3 out of 4 against the Chicago White Sox and swept the Philadelphia Phillies. They now have a decent lead over the Cleveland Indians (3 games) but they have to stay healthy and finally added the closer they needed when they acquired Houston’s Jose Veres in a deal on Monday.

4. Cleveland Indians

They are above the Baltimore Orioles because they are only three games behind the Tigers. They just swept the Rangers and could gain some ground when they play the Chicago White Sox this week.

5. Baltimore Orioles

They swept the Rangers, but lost their series against the Kansas City Royals and Red Sox. They might pick up some momentum when they play the Houston Astros this week. I doubt they will catch up to Boston or Tampa Bay, but Chris Davis could still help them make history if he keeps up his home run streak.

Teams To Watch:

New York Yankees – With the captain and Alfonso Soriano back they might give teams some trouble.

Series To Watch:

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox (it’s a make-up game on Monday night, but it is a definite MUST WATCH)

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Boston Red Sox