Jay-Z Working with Another Yankee: A-Rod

Jay-Z Working with Another Yankee: A-Rod
Jay-Z is working with another Yankees employee in Alex Rodriguez, who has been unable able to get a return call from a fellow baseball great for four months, verbally attacked and left in the minors against his will by his team, and rumored to be facing a potential long ban from Major League Baseball.
Statistically A-Rod has been the most dominant player post-Barry Bonds at the cost of a $275 million contract. However, it is doubtful his long-time friend Jay-Z will receive much commission on future deals for A-Rod.
Last week, Jordan Siev, a lawyer for Jay-Z’s superstar wife, Beyonce, represented A-Rod in a telephone conference with Yankee brass last Thursday. On the call, Bombers general manager Brian Cashman, president Randy Levine and trainer Tim Lentych discussed with Siev the time frame for the injured Rodriguez’s return to the team.
A-Rod had Jay-Z come on the championship float with the Yankees in 2009, and the two sometimes sit courtside together for NBA games.