MLB Week 19 Power Rankings: All About the Pirates

MLB Week 19 Power Rankings: All About the Pirates

I am going to shake things up a bit with my power rankings. Instead of doing each league, I am going to combine them. This will allow some shakeups since both leagues are basically set. 

1. Pittsburgh Pirates

Yes. The Pirates are #1 and they have the best record in the league. This really might be the year they break their 20+year losing season streak. Last week, they went 4-1 against division rival St. Louis Cardinals. I guarantee they will finish with a winning record this year.

2. Boston Red Sox

They swept the Seattle Mariners and only lost one game to the Arizona Diamondbacks. It does not seem like a big deal, considering the opponents, but they did score less than four runs in the games. Their stars are full of power and they added Jake Peavy from the Chicago White Sox. He might be the star that keeps them ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays.

3. Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays and Red Sox will forever be next to each other unless either one has the ultimate collapse. Wil Myers is kicking butt and taking names. He has 15 RBIs since the All-Star break and is showing no signs of slowing down.

4. Atlanta Braves

They were 7-0 last week. That is all.

5. St. Louis Cardinals

The Pirates destroyed them, but they still have one of the best records in the league. They are also only 1.5 games behind the Pirates mainly because they literally destroyed the Cincinnati Reds last weekend. The Los Angeles Dodgers will be a thorn because they are on a spectacular road winning streak. But a weekend series against the Chicago Cubs should give them some relaxation. (It killed me to write that line)

6. The Los Angeles Dodgers

They have a franchise-best 14 game winning streak and are 31-7 since June 21st. Do I really need to say anything else? I didn’t think so. THIS is the Dodgers team everyone expected at the beginning of the season. I hope you’re smiling down on them, Andrew Breitbart! I think you’re their good luck charm.

7. Detroit Tigers

They demolished the Washington Nationals and also swept the White Sox. The pitching has only given up one home run since July 25 and Miguel Cabrera is still a monster. This team will seal the AL central.

8. Oakland Athletics

When will this team receive more publicity? Not only are they atop the AL West they are also a very fun team to watch. I actually look forward to watching their games. They had an off week, but they are still 2.5 games ahead of the Texas Rangers.

9. Cleveland Indians

They will not go away. They swept the White Sox (which every appears to be doing these days) and went 3-1 against the Miami Marlins. They have 15 shutouts for the season and will not stop until they take over the Tigers, which they could this week!

10. Texas Rangers

They swept the Los Angeles Angels and took the series against the A’s 2-1 to stay only 2.5 games behind them. The addition of Matt Garza was a great move. Someone needs to keep him off Twitter, though.

Series To Watch:

DETROIT TIGERS VS. CLEVELAND INDIANS (The main series to watch this week!)

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox (only because it may be the last time we may see A-Rod play)

Oakland A’s vs. Cincinnati Reds

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers