Soros-Funded 'Think Progress' Lectures Sports Fans: Attending Games Environmental Threat

Soros-Funded 'Think Progress' Lectures Sports Fans: Attending Games Environmental Threat

The George Soros-funded Think Progress is providing sports fans with a playbook on how to reduce the “tremendous impact” their spectating and viewing preferences have on the environment. Citing a recent study by Carbon Trust, a London based “environmental advocacy group,” Think Progress writes that rather than driving to the stadium or watching the game solo at home, fans instead can ditch the car, hop on public transit, and meet up with friends at a bar to watch the game. As a result, fans will enjoy a “cleaner experience.”

As noted by the “independent” website Renew Economy, the Carbon Trust study concluded that the “most environmentally friendly, low-carbon way to watch a football [soccer] match, per viewer, is to share a television screen with multiple people–at home or even down the pub.” Conversely, the least environmentally friendly option is to drive to the stadium to catch a live game.  

Think Progress seemingly has interpreted the study’s findings to be further proof as to why fans should behave how Think Progress–along with the environmental left–wants them to behave. 

As the Think Progress article explains:  

The better news is that we can make watching on TV even more environmentally-friendly by teaming up to watch with friends. And if sports fans really want to make games a cleaner experience, they can join their friends to watch at a bar with dozens of other people. 

As a bonus, the article provides additional guidance on how to be not only an environmentally responsible fan, but also a socially responsible fan:  

Drinking too much beer, eating gobs of food, or driving separately would offset some of the positive effects of watching at a bar, so the environmentally-conscious may want to take public transit or find a neighborhood watering hole and avoid getting too sloshed during the game. 

And if one did not care about one’s carbon footprint before, one should now because the days of naively enjoying and watching one’s team with a clear conscience may be over. According to Think Progress, exactly what is “wreaking havoc on sports, from surfing to football and everything else” has a simple explanation: climate change.


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