Raiders Cut Punter Known for Gay Marriage Advocacy

Raiders Cut Punter Known for Gay Marriage Advocacy

Chris Kluwe is perhaps the NFL’s most well known punter. Unfortunately for him, it has little do with his punting skills, and he is now out of the league.

The outspoken punter is a self-proclaimed libertarian and has used his platform in the NFL to be a vocal advocate for gay marriage and the homosexual agenda.

On Monday, it was announced that Kluwe would be cut from the Oakland Raiders after losing the punting battle to Marquette King. Despite implying that his release from the Minnesota Vikings earlier this offseason may have been due to his support for gay marriage, the punter remained more positive this time.

“Thanks to everyone at the Raiders for the opportunity this preseason.It was a blast. Marquette King’s got a bright future with you guys!”Kluwe tweeted. “Feel like we both had a pretty strong preseason. Noregrets.”