Gonzalez Still Happy to Be a Falcon

Gonzalez Still Happy to Be a Falcon

Future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez surprised many when he decided to return to the Atlanta Falcons for a final year, opting against retiring from the game in the hopes of one last shot to win a Super Bowl. 

Unfortunately for Gonzalez, the 1-4 Falcons seem far from Super Bowl bound.

The unexpectedly rough 2013 season has led many to speculate that Gonzalez may prefer to be traded. However, he was clear that was not the case. “I would never go and ask [the Falcons] for a trade,” Gonzalez said. “And if that’s something that they wanted to do to help their franchise, that’s up to them. But it wouldn’t be coming from me.”

Arguably one of the best tight end ever to play the game, Gonzalez made it clear that the camaraderie of the team was the main reason he came back to play. His team will play the winless Tampa Bay Bucs this Sunday.