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NFL Star Will Not Part with His $2 Mazda

NFL Star Will Not Part with His $2 Mazda

Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris earns $2.2 million a year, but he will not part with the 1991 Mazda 626 he bought for $2. He calls her the Bentley.

‘I didn’t grow up with a lot. This helps me remember where I come from and where I’m going,’ he says.

He bought the car from his pastor when he was at Florida Atlantic University and it has been his sidekick ever since. He said he does not feel the need to buy expensive clothes and cars just because he can. 

‘It’s more than just a car,’ Morris, who started as a rookie with the Washington, DC, team last year, told Jalopnik

‘I’m loyal to my car,’ he said, explaining that he doesn’t feel the need to show off his money with expensive cars and clothing.

‘I love my car, and that’s what I’m going to drive. I’m a lot better off than I was but at the same time… I feel like it’s a waste of money to go buy a new car if my car is running perfectly fine, you know? I just don’t get that concept,’ he told WUSA-TV.

Mazda offered Morris to completely refurbish the car. It took 272 hours to fix her, and they sent Morris updates on the car. He could not handle to see his baby all torn up. He said it hurt a little to see her taken apart.

On Tuesday, Mazda returned his beloved Bentley and he is more than happy with the results.

‘She hasn’t changed,’ he told the Washington Post.

‘I mean, she looks different, but it’s still the same car. It a feel thing. Sometimes when something changes, you’re like, “Oh man, I want it the old way.” But when I sat in her, I still got that feeling. She’s still the Bentley.’

Mazda technicians removed the powertrain, rebuilt the 2.2-liter, 110 horsepower four-cylinder engine, installed new hoses, gaskets and rubber items, put in a new air conditioner, added new brakes front and rear, put on a new exhaust system, and even replaced the battery and alternator.

Mazda did add a new dashboard and a touchscreen Pioneer stereo with Bluetooth. Morris is just happy to have his “baby” back and could not wait to drive her around. Morris does not take anything for granted. In college–before he had a car–Morris once walked 10 hours to get back home.


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