Jim Harbaugh Trades $8 Walmart Khakis for $23 Flat-Front Pants to Please Wife

Jim Harbaugh Trades $8 Walmart Khakis for $23 Flat-Front Pants to Please Wife

Jim Harbaugh is on pace to be the greatest coach of his generation–it is nearly impossible to find a coach who has had as much success as quickly as he has on all levels–and known for his brashness, braggadocio, and “win with character and cruelty” mantra. 

But he may not wear the pants in his marriage. 

Harbaugh is known for and has been mocked for wearing old-school pleated khakis on the sidelines–in addition to football cleats and a dry erase marker around his neck–and his wife Sarah called into a local radio station to complain about Harbaugh’s pleated pants. 

And Harbaugh listened, trading in his Walmart pleated khakis for a $23 pair of flat-front khakis from Dickies that he purchased on sale. 

“I’ve thrown (his pants) away many of times,” Sarah Harbaugh told KMVQ-FM this week. “I threw them out and when he went to the (NFL Scouting) Combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!”
Harbaugh’s wife said she will not “take blame for his outfits” and said that even though she is from the Midwest, she still has some sense of fashion. 

“I still love him,” Harbaugh’s wife added. “But he did say next year he would make a change if it was that important.”

It looks like Harbaugh heard her loudly and clearly, because he showed up in flat-front khakis to Wednesday’s press conference to discuss this Sunday’s NFC title game between the 49ers and the Seahawks. 

“Yeah, I heard about that. They were making quite a bit of sport of me. But, problem solved there. Well, the Levi’s and the Nike and the Dickies makes a flat khaki so happy wife, happy life,” Harbaugh said on Wednesday, according to the San Jose Mercury News, of his wife’s radio interview. “As far as tucking in the shirt though. If I’m the last person that tucks in their shirt, that will be great. I will feel like an innovator.

“These Dickies cost $23. But, they were on sale that day.”

A person named Austin in Indianapolis found out about Harbaugh’s wife’s comments and tweeted proof that Harbaugh did indeed go to a Walmart in Indianapolis to purchase his $8 pleated khakis.