Super Bowl 2014: Elway Says Beliefs 'Align Best with the GOP': 'I'm Middle Right'

Super Bowl 2014: Elway Says Beliefs 'Align Best with the GOP': 'I'm Middle Right'

John Elway, the Hall of Famer who runs football operations for the Denver Broncos, said that his beliefs align best with the GOP in an interview on Fox News Sunday before his Broncos play the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Elway, who played baseball and football at Stanford before becoming a Broncos legend, has campaigned for Republicans like Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential election. And he noted that he may be more of a moderate Republican. 

“My beliefs align best with the GOP,” he said. “I wouldn’t say I’m way right. I’m middle right.”

Elway suggested that he does not believe in the welfare state before saying that though, “obviously, we have to have some kind of safety nets.” He said his philosophy is that the country can get the best out of people when they are allowed to take advantages of the opportunities they are given. 

Elway said that he believes that “you have to give a little to get some” and said that he wanted to see Congress freed up so they could “give up a little bit to get a little bit.”

He said politicians should act more like businessmen and that though he has been asked a couple of times to run for office, he has declined. He did say, though, that he felt he did have a duty to be involved in politics. 

“Football is a tough business, but I’m not sure it’s as tough as politics,” he said. “I’ll stay on the outside of that.”


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