Sarah Palin, Alaska Stoked For Two Huge Races

Sarah Palin, Alaska Stoked For Two Huge Races

Here in the 48 contiguous states, this time of year is often considered the slowest when it comes to sports. The NFL is over, baseball is still months away, and basketball and hockey are far from must win games. In Alaska, though, things are quite different. Big-time sports, although unique to the state, are about to explode. Two huge races are all the talk at coffee shops and ice rinks. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is among those fired up for what’s to come and she plans on showcasing one of the participants on her new TV show. Palin posted on Facebook:     

“In preparation for the iconic Iron Dog and Iditarod races, we spent a glorious day dog mushing with Iditarod great DeeDee Jonrowe! Filming this champ’s efforts for Sportsman Channel was spectacular, and I can’t wait to share her story with you on “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” debuting April 3. DeeDee has the fastest time of any woman in the Last Great Race on Earth, she’s been successfully competing for decades, and her unbelievable life story will inspire you to be an overcomer – I promise you! It was so much fun to host Jim Moret from “Inside Edition,” too, as he’s been a great sport enduring the frigid weather on snowmachine and dog sled in beautiful Willow, Alaska! Hope he thawed out comfortably around our fireplace with a bowl of moose chili and salmon dip hors d’oeuvre afterward. Also hope he’s as sore as I am after a day of pounding muscle I never knew I was supposed to have. You’ll get a taste of our day on a fun and inspiring upcoming evening of “Inside Edition.” 

Hope you get outdoors today and breathe some fresh air! It does a body good.”

The Iron Dog race is even closer to Palin’s heart. Her husband Todd is a four-time champion and he will race again this year as part of Team #11 with Tyler Huntington. The race runs February 16-22. In addition to attempting to win another title, Todd Palin will also be fighting breast cancer. Team #11 and some other Ski-Doo teams will feature pink on their snowmachines while they raise funds for Breast Cancer Focus, an Alaska group run by volunteers.  
A slow time for sports? Not in Alaska.