Lawyer: Sterling Remarks Recorded with Consent

Lawyer: Sterling Remarks Recorded with Consent

It is illegal in California to record someone who reasonably expects privacy without their permission, but the lawyer for woman to whom Los Angeles Clippers owner made racist comments said that she had permission to record Sterling’s conversations and she did not leak or sell the recording to TMZ.

According to the Associated Press, “V. Stiviano sent two snippets of the conversation, recorded in her Los Angeles duplex, to a friend who released them without her permission.”

Siamak Nehoray, the lawyer, also “said a third person was present during the conversation, but she wants to remain anonymous. Nehoray said the conversation took place in September 2013 after Sterling and Stiviano spent the day together; they’d stopped at her place for Sterling to rest.”

Stiviano, who will not identify the friend,  archived Sterling’s conversations for him on her phone and sent “sent snippets of the conversation recorded on her phone electronically to her friend for safekeeping in case anything happened.”

Nehoray also claimed that Stiviano and Sterling did not have a romantic relationship and were just friends.


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