Hunter Shoots World Record Grizzly Bear

Hunter Shoots World Record Grizzly Bear

While on a moose hunt outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, 35-year-old Larry Fitzgerald came across some massive bear tracks, followed them, and killed the second-largest grizzly bear on record.

Fox News reports that Fitzgerald killed the bear “from 20 yards with one shot to the neck from his Sako 300 rifle.”

Although the bear was taken in September, Fitzgerald just learned that it set a record. The Boone and Crockett Club determined “only a grizzly skull found by an Alaska taxidermist in 1976 was bigger than that of the bear Fitzgerald bagged.”

Fitzgerald’s bear stood “nearly 9 feet tall…with a skull measuring 27 and 6/16ths inches.”

The Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife uses the hunting of grizzly bears to keep the bear population in check and to “control the bears’ preying on moose.”

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