Robo Cop Throws Out First Pitch

Robo Cop Throws Out First Pitch

Robo Cop threw out the first pitch at Comerica Park on Tuesday. The people of Detroit might have appreciated him more had he worked outside of their park instead of played in it.

Robo Cop the movie, both of them as a matter of fact, depicted a dystopian Detroit beset by violent crime. Robo Cop the character, or at least a guy dressed as him, took the mound in a real-life Detroit boasting the highest murder rate for any major American city, an average response time of 58 minutes to high-priority 911 calls, and a violent-crime rate five times the national average. Art imitates life.

“Very few words spoken,” Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis told the Detroit Free Press. “It was a really nice experience having RoboCop out there. The real RoboCop–that’s what I call him, anyways.” The stealer of 284 bases noted that he likes Robo Cop but doesn’t think Robo Cop likes thieves.

Robo Cop missed the strike zone low–a sure sign a human imposter took the mound in Detroit–and outfielder Davis, impersonating a catcher, dropped his pitch. The Tigers dropped the game 5-3 to the Blue Jays.