LA Kings Fans Destroy Drone

LA Kings Fans Destroy Drone

Los Angeles rioters destroyed a drone flying outside the Staples Center Friday night, chanting “We got the drone! We got the drone!”

The downing of the drone occurred after the victory of the Los Angeles Kings over the New York Rangers, earning the team the Stanley Cup. Riot police had been summoned as a fracas broke out outside the arena. A video of a drone hovering over the hockey fans, and the fans throwing shoes and clothing at the unmanned aircraft, went viral following the disturbance outside the Staples Center.

The uploader who posted the video assumed the drone came from the LAPD. But because the drone in the video is clearly a white quadcopter with stripes, it appears to be a DJI Phantom and not property of the LAPD. The DJI Phantom is a drone sold for consumer use, as opposed to the Draganflyer X6, which is the type of drone used by the LAPD, and has six props mounted to three arms on a black frame. The LAPD recently acquired two drones from the Seattle Police department.

The LAPD had no comment on the downed drone.