Report: NFL Considering Building Stadium in Los Angeles

Report: NFL Considering Building Stadium in Los Angeles

The NFL may become a landlord in Los Angeles ahead of the city potentially gaining back at least one football team. 

According to a Los Angeles Times report, “the NFL is considering financing and owning a stadium in the Los Angeles area” and is “evaluating” potential stadium locations in Los Angeles. 

The Times reported that an NFL club with “a stadium site and concept in mind” could put “together a financing plan and looks to the league for help.” The NFL would “pay for the venue but also assesses a hefty relocation fee. The club then has full control of the stadium.” The NFL could also just pay for the stadium and offset the “$1-billion-plus investment by selling naming rights, personal seat licenses (PSLs) and the like.”

NFL teams may not like the latter scenario, though, but “Big Brother” could “make it more enticing by giving tenants control of key revenue streams such as sales of suites, club and general admission seats, local sponsorship and advertising, parking and the like,” according to the Times. 

Owners like Patriots boss Bob Kraft supported the idea, and ProFootballTalk noted that “were the league to build and own a stadium, it would be a regular in the Super Bowl-hosting rotation. The last Super Bowl in the Los Angeles area was in 1993, when the Cowboys beat the Bills in Super Bowl XXVII.” The stadium could also bid for some premium college football bowl and playoff games as well.