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Arrested Dolphins DE Feared VD

Arrested Dolphins DE Feared VD

What happens on bye week doesn’t always stay on bye week. 

Dolphins defensive end Derrick Shelby won’t lace up his cleats this weekend. He allegedly didn’t wrap up another part of his body his last weekend. 

Broward County cops arrested Miami Dolphins defensive end Derrick Shelby at a Ft. Lauderdale nightclub early last Saturday morning, using a stun gun on him three times despite charges of mere trespassing and resisting arrest without violence. But it’s what the Dolphin told a nurse afterward that has drawn attention.

Shelby, receiving treatment for bruises and abrasions resulting from the rough arrest, strangely requested Z-Pak, an antibiotic used to fend off social disease. The nurse, taken aback by the athlete’s non sequitur demand, asked him why he wanted a medication associated with venereal disease during treatment for the stun-gun falls.

“Listen, I f—ed a hooker at the club and I don’t want to catch anything,” the pass rusher allegedly confessed. “I raw-dogged her, so I need something to kill that s—.”

“Azithromycin is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections,” Web MD informs about Z Pak. “It is a macrolide-type antibiotic. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.”

The Dolphins suspended Shelby without pay for the incident, which includes allegations of the end grabbing the ends of women in the club. The cops who stunned the nonviolent man who made his living, until the suspension, on violence, remain on the job.

Shelby’s stat line includes two tackles of quarterbacks for losses this season. No word on whether misunderstood boasts about having two sacks led to the women rejecting his advances or if they just didn’t like a strange man grabbing them in strange places.

Whatever the reason, Shelby found himself on on the wrong side of the velvet rope–and the law.

“OK, I don’t have a yardstick,” Shelby responded to one police command to stay back from the club 20 yards. “How far is 20 yards?”

Zap. Zap. Zap.

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