As Promised, Mark Sanchez Devours Philly Cheesesteaks after Devouring Panthers

As Promised, Mark Sanchez Devours Philly Cheesesteaks after Devouring Panthers

You can get very hungry throwing for 332 yards and two touchdowns. 

Mark Sanchez satiated that hunger by devouring two cheesesteaks, one each from legendary Philadelphia eateries Pat’s and Geno’s.

Making his first start since December 20, 2012, Sanchez led the Eagles over the Panthers in a blowout 45-21 Monday Night Football victory. SB Nation reported that before the game the former New York Jets quarterback, who signed a one-year contract with Philadelphia to backup Nick Foles, told ESPN analyst Jon Gruden that he never had a Philly cheesesteak. He then promised that if the Eagles won he would eat one.

ABC6 caught up with diehard fans from Philly and New Jersey, who had staked out the famous Philly cheesesteak hot spots, hoping to meet up with Sanchez and chow down some sandwiches with him. “I don’t care if he’s going to Geno’s or Pat’s,” said fan Paul LaCroix. “Get him down here.”

Sanchez didn’t disappoint, showing up at both establishments, and ate steaks and fries with friendly fans, who for now, are happy to have him on the field. “I want you to have my cheese fries,” one fan said to Sanchez when he arrived. “Thanks, brother,” the new hero replied.

The former USC standout enjoyed a couple successful years with the Jets, taking them into the playoffs his first two seasons. However, in his subsequent seasons the Jets floundered and fans derided Sanchez for leading an impotent offense and for his failure to establish an adequate passing game. In March 2014, the Jets dropped the one-time face of the franchise. Rex Ryan, who had tattooed Sanchez’s shirt on his body, put his hopes in quarterbacks Geno Smith and Michael Vick.