NBA Players Union: ‘Silver Rewrites Rules’ in Domestic Violence Suspension

NBA Players Union: ‘Silver Rewrites Rules’ in Domestic Violence Suspension

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is ready to file an appeal on behalf of Charlotte’s Jeff Taylor for the 24-game suspension exacted by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a domestic violence misdemeanor.

The NBPA insists that the suspension is excessive, without precedent, and violates the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the association and the NBA.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the NBPA explained that the CBA mandates a minimum 10 game suspension for a domestic violence conviction. The statement argues that considering that the 24 game-suspension would be one of the longest in the leagues history, it would be inappropriate given that Taylor was charged with a misdemeanor probably to be dismissed at the end of a probationary period.

According to Fox Sports, Wednesday Silver issued a statement saying: “This suspension is necessary to protect the interests of the NBA and the public’s confidence in it. Mr. Taylor’s conduct violates applicable law and, in my opinion, does not conform to standards of morality and is prejudicial and detrimental to the NBA.”

The NBPA expressed that they understood the gravity of domestic violence as a social issue, however, they emphasized that Silver is not entitled to make his own rules or disregard precedent in disciplinary matters. The decision to appeal the suspension remains up to Taylor and as of now he has not proceeded.

Breitbart News reported that the incident that prompted the suspension involved a September 24 episode with Taylor and a woman in a hotel room. Both were drinking when a heated argument broke out between them.

The six-foot, seven-inch, 225-pound Hornets forward slapped the woman’s arm and pushed her head into a door across the hall from Taylor’s East Lansing, Michigan hotel room. The woman suffered a bump on her head and a contusion on her arm. Taylor also punched a hole in the wall of the hotel room and the cops arrested him that morning.

Later that night Taylor was arrested on another separate charge of malicious destruction of property.