Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Pats Fan Tattoos Message, Coach’s Face on Arm

Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

As the New England Patriots prepare to tattoo the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, some Patriots fans have decided to show their fanaticism by literally tattooing themselves.

One fan decided to tattoo the phrase “Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” on his arm, along with a picture of Belichick’s face. The ink melds the street wisdom of Ice Cube with the icy visage of the football savant. Inevitably, as his arm ages, the image of Belichick will reflect the same wrinkles as the coach ages. And as the man matures, he may ponder the irony of whether he “Belichicked himself before he wrecked himself.”

Another Patriots’ fan, Johnny Nichols, 21, from Waltham, Massachusetts, admitted he had a crazy night in Bali, Indonesia, and wound up with “Tom Brady” tattooed on the inside of his lip. He offered Boston Magazine his rationalization for the tattoo: “Have to represent from 9,000 miles away!” Nichols added on his Facebook page, “You ever wake up one morning after a crazy night and just realize you have Tom Brady tattooed on your lip?…I did…LETS GO PATS!”

At least those two fans didn’t embarrass Patriot fandom the way Victor Thompson did last October. Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, arrested Thompson for possession of the drug spice while he was adorned with a tattooed head that featured a Patriots helmet, complete with a “Riddell” label on his forehead, a “12” on the back for QB Tom Brady, a Lombardi Trophy on the crown of his head, and signature replicas of former Patriots Randy Moss and Wes Welker along with Rob Gronkowski. He was charged with felony drug possession and trespassing.



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