Ariana Grande ‘Fixes’ Botched Tattoo to ‘Japanese Barbecue Finger’

Pop star Ariana Grande, who deleted an Instagram post showcasing her latest Japanese tattoo after it was revealed to mean “small charcoal barbecue” instead of “7 Rings,” claims to have “fixed” the mistake. Now the tattoo reportedly reads “Japanese barbecue finger.”

Ariana Grande and her Japanese tattoo, which she further botched to read "Japanese BBQ Finger"

Recaptured Jail Escapee Used Eye Makeup to Cover Face Tattoo

A San Jose man who broke out of the Santa Clara County Main Jail used eye makeup to cover up a face tattoo that would have otherwise easily identified him and given him away to authorities. Rogelio Chavez, 33, escaped

Eye tattoo guy (Sheriff's Office / San Jose Mercury News)

Man has Nose Cut Off, Face Tattooed to Look Like Comic Book Villain

A Venezuelan man with dreams of becoming a comic book character used extreme body modifications, including the partial removal of his nose, to transform himself into the Marvel villain Red Skull. 37-year-old Henry Damon, of Caracas, “has loved comic books

AP Photo/Marvel

Artist Will Tattoo Your Name on Her Body for $10

Illma Gore, 22, a Brisbane and Gold Coast street artist and clothing designer living in Los Angeles, is offering a unique place for others to inscribe their tattoos: her own body.

Illma Gore (Kickstarter)

Tattoo You: Urban Meyer Promised Ink If OSU Won

If Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer arm isn’t sore lifting the national championship trophy he won last night, it might soon hurt for a completely different reason: Meyer promised his team after they beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl that he would get a tattoo if they won the national title.

Urban Meyer National Championship