Andy Murray Confirms Kilt, and Nothing Underneath, for Wedding


Hamish McLachlan asked Andy Murray if he will wear a kilt or suit at his wedding to Kim Sears. Then he asked about what the 2013 Wimbledon champion would be wearing underneath.

From The Telegraph:

He added: “I think I’m going to have both options and see what I feel like in the morning when I wake up.”

Asked if he would wear the kilt in the traditional Scottish way, he replied: “Yes obviously, proper kilt.”

When pressed on whether that meant he would be “freeballing” -which means to go without underwear–Murray said “exactly”, before quickly ending the inquisition.

“Exactly,” said Murray. “I’ve got a match to play in a couple days, can I go now?”

The proud Scotsman last year came under fire after he tweeted support for Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom.

“I don’t regret giving an opinion,” he explained to the BBC. “I think everyone should be allowed that. The way I did it, yeah, it wasn’t something I would do again. I think it was a very emotional day for a lot of Scottish people and the whole country and the whole of the UK, it was a big day. The way it was worded, the way I sent it, that’s not really in my character and I don’t normally do stuff like that.”