Aaron Hernandez Worried About Endorsements

Jurors in Aaron Hernandez trial visit sites linked to killing

Testifying during the 10th day of the murder trial against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, Azia Jenkins, Hernandez’s fiancee’s uncle, said on Wednesday that when he spoke to the tight end the day after the death of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez ignored the murder and coolly said, “My endorsements are gone.”

Hernandez was engaged to Shayanna Jenkins, Azia’s niece; Shayanna’s sister Shaneah was dating Odin Lloyd, the murdered man.

When prosecutor William McCauley asked Jenkins what transpired on June 18, 2013, the day after Lloyd’s body was found, Jenkins replied that at Shayanna’s request, he had traveled from Connecticut to pick up another uncle of Shaneah and Shayanna’s, Donnie Smith. Police had informed Shaneah that Lloyd was dead, and Smith and Shaneah had gone to Hernandez’s home.

Jenkins continued that police arrived at Hernandez’s home as he was leaving, and spoke to him in the driveway. He left for the police station, then returned to find Hernandez querying him as to what police had asked him. Jenkins, Hernandez, and Smith started playing pool and watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals, but during a commercial, Hernandez simply said, “My endorsements are gone.” Jenkins added that Hernandez seemed ”cool, calm, collected.”

Hernandez’s endorsements included a deal with CytoSport, which makes Muscle Milk, as well as a two-year contract with Puma.

Superior Court Judge Sudan Garsh ruled on Wednesday that prosecutors could not use Hernandez’s high school friend Robert Paradis as a witness before the jury because his testimony was inconsistent and could prejudice the jury.

While the jury was out, Paradis testified that Hernandez told him in April 2013 at his condo in Los Angeles that he had ”fire” or ”heat” in his car, and revealed he was referring to a .45-caliber weapon.

Paradis told the judge that Hernandez left the condo, then called Paradis to ask him to check and see if “it” was still there; Paradis claimed he looked through a drawer, felt a shirt with something in it, and assumed it was a gun.

A .45-caliber weapon was used to kill Lloyd, but the gun has remained impossible to find.

Hernandez played for the Patriots between 2010-2012, amassing 1,956 yards on 175 receptions.