Sarah Palin Brings Home the Bacon During Visit to Amazing Priefert Ranch

Sarah Palin Hog

Want to cut pork in Washington, DC? Perhaps the inept politicians should call on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Her resume speaks for itself. On the latest episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, viewers were treated to an inside look at the Priefert Ranch. There, Palin got her hands dirty, running equipment, herding cattle and yes—hunting hogs. Palin brought home the bacon.

The Priefert Ranch is located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. They manufacture everything you could imagine, and they’ve been going strong since Marvin Priefert got it all started some 50 years ago. As Palin discovered, things are still family owned and family operated.

Fresh off her Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special appearance, Palin, fittingly, greeted CEO Bill Priefert with a “We’re Not Worthy” salutation and bow. Bill Priefert, the son of founder Marvin Priefert gives Palin a little background on the family history and shows off the first Priefert headgate circa 1964. It’s on display now in the offices but it still works. Durability is clearly one of the ingredients in becoming ranch equipment kings.

A company of humble beginnings now covers a million square feet and employs over 800 workers. Palin got to meet some of them. She put on a hard hat and headed into the main floor. The machinists and others were thrilled to see Palin. She even said hello to the company nurse, who luckily on this day did not have any patients. 

Then it was time to move some heavy steel. One of the talented machinists offered Palin a chance to do the work herself. Palin asked, “Could I do much damage?” Not with the sure handed staff by her side. Palin used remote control technology to move some massive steel. It was impressive.

While the equipment was awesome for sure, Palin seemed to marvel more about the nice people she encountered at every turn.

Later, in the visit, Palin had the chance to go hunting in the early morning hours with Eddie Priefert, president of Priefert Manufacturing. The target—feral hogs, a major nuisance in the Lone Star State. According to Eddie Priefert there are around 2-2.5 million of these large animals in Texas and they’re causing around 60 million dollars worth of damage every year. The hogs hadn’t met the Mama Grizzly until now. Palin made the perfect shot and hit a sow on her first try. Dodging pig scat, Palin and Priefert tracked the animal she shot and found it not too far away. After taking some pictures, the sow would be turned into food for some employees. A win-win situation for all. 

Lunch at the Priefert home was next. A warm gathering filled with prayer, great food, and fun conversation. At one point Palin’s eyes popped when she was asked if she ever gave a cow a pregnancy test. Then, as the Prieferts are used to, it was back to work.   

Palin became a ranch hand, toiling with working cows. She finished the amazing day horse back riding.

“It fills my heart to know that it’s still possible in America to run a business based on family values like the Prieferts,” said Palin. “What really strikes you about the Prieferts is their humility. They couldn’t be more successful in their field but it hasn’t gone to their head one bit. They stay focused on what’s important—family, hard work, and giving back.”

The episode closed with a big celebration and meal right at the ranch with family and employees. Horseman Guy McLean, an Aussie, provided the old-school entertainment complete with whips and everything—only in Texas.

Palin spoke to the large group to close things out, telling the Prieferts: “Your family is what this country needs because you have built the American dream.” Palin lauded all ranchers and farmers across the country for working hard to provide food for all of us.

Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs Thursday nights on Sportsman Channel.    


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