Amazing America


Sarah Palin TV Show Ends How It Started, in Amazing Fashion

A strong season of Amazing America with Sarah Palin wrapped up just how it started—in unique and interesting fashion. Where else could you see robotic deer decoys, wedding bells and shotgun shells, urban anglers and cruising with California game wardens


Black Hog Down! Palin TV Show Features Amazing Hunts for Injured Vets

All-new, back-to-back episodes of Amazing America with Sarah Palin treated viewers to a bomb disarming robot, a home inside an abandoned missile silo, a special hunting excursion for veterans, and a profile of a true American hero known as The Horse Soldier. This eclectic hour of entertainment truly showcased just how amazing Americans can be.


Sarah Palin Honors NYPD, FDNY, Kids Battling Illness Through Special Hunts

On the latest edition of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, viewers were treated to stories of love through hunting. The stars of the show are truly selfless heroes–men and women who set up dream hunts for terminally ill children and brave members of the FDNY and NYPD.

Sarah Palin Hog

Sarah Palin Brings Home the Bacon During Visit to Amazing Priefert Ranch

Want to cut pork in Washington, DC? Perhaps the inept politicians should call on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Her resume speaks for itself. On the latest episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, viewers were treated to an inside look at the Priefert Ranch. There, Palin got her hands dirty, running equipment, herding cattle and yes—hunting hogs. Palin brought home the bacon.