Todd Palin Raises Money, Awareness For Wounded Vets Through Iron Dog Race

Todd Palin Sarah Palin

After a grueling week of battling the elements and dozens of other athletes, Todd Palin returned from another Iron Dog.

The four-time champion did not win this time around, but Team 11 comprised of Palin and Tyler Huntington did finish the over-2000 mile snowmachine race in one piece and came out on top when it comes to helping others.

Team 11 raced this year in honor of our veterans. Their snowmachines were decked out with decals from the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and the racers raised money for that very worthy organization. Perhaps more importantly, Team 11 raised awareness about our wounded warriors in need.

As Todd Palin made his way across the beautiful state of Alaska, his wife, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered an important speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Fittingly, her remarks focused on veterans issues including PTSD, health care, divorce rates, and suicide. Two Palins in two very different parts of the country fought hard for the men and women who fight for us every day. Sarah Palin made it back to Fairbanks in time to congratulate her husband at the finish line.

This marks the 22nd time Todd Palin has competed in the iconic Iron Dog. He’s won the whole thing multiple times, he’s finished in the middle, and sometimes he didn’t finish at all. It’s a brutal event in which weather, machinery, and human error play a part. Many things can go wrong and they usually do.

In the 2015 running of the race, Palin did not cross the finish line first. He certainly came out a champion. Palin helped our veterans in the name of the greatest sniper America has ever known.

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