Jim Boeheim’s Daughter Gets Apology from Opposing HS for Taunts

Jim Boeheim
The Associated Press

The adage that cheaters never win proved true when Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim was suspended for nine games and had 108 wins vacated for NCAA rules violations, including academic fraud.

A lesser known adage, that fans who unfairly accuse innocent opposing basketball players of cheating tend to watch their teams get trounced, also proved true.

Syacuse.com reported that after being unfairly ridiculed with constant chanting of “Where’s the cheater?” by fans of the Albertus Magnus High School varsity girls basketball players, Boeheim’s daughter, Jamie, a freshman, entered the game and quickly quieted the bullies by knocking down an outside shot to help Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s team to a 56-33 victory against the previously unbeaten and number-1 ranked school in the New York Class A semis.

“I just try and block out everything,” Jamie said. “I’m a Boeheim so I’m expecting some, but I just ignore it.”

Lohud.com reported that an apology for Albertus Magnus’s lack of sportswoman-like behavior came quickly from the school’s president/principal Joseph Troy.

Addressing the principal of Jamesville-DeWitt High School, Troy wrote:

On behalf of Albertus Magnus High School, I would like to offer a sincere apology to the Jamesville-DeWitt High School, the varsity basketball team – especially to Jamie Boeheim – for the inappropriate remarks at the end of the game by our high school students.

Our students violated our mission statement, which includes “showing respect for the dignity of each person.” I’d be glad to meet with the student body to discuss appropriate behavior during sporting events.

Having been the president/principal for the past 20 years, I don’t believe this is sentiment is the true indication of the Albertus Magnus High School community and what it represents.

I will be glad to send a copy of this formal apology to The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse.

 Gasparini replied to Troy,

 Thank you very much for the note. I have been an administrator for 20 years and know that students can get unnecessarily personal or rowdy when cheering.

I believe that the mark of a school’s character is not that these things happen, but how the leaders of the school respond when they do happen. Albertus Magnus is obviously a school of high character.

I will share the note with our girls; they will appreciate the gesture.

Coach Boeheim denies involvement in the infractions that led to his punishment.