Deion Sanders to Namesake: You’re Rich, ‘Stop the Hood Stuff’

Deion Sanders SI

Deion Sanders famously angered Carlton Fisk by tracing a dollar sign in the batter’s box. Deion Sanders Jr. angers his father by slumming it.

The message of the patriarch? We flaunt wealth, not fake poverty, in the Sanders family.

Prime Time made tens of millions of dollars playing in the NFL and Major League baseball. He continues to roll in the dough as a broadcaster and vaunted product endorser. As he reminds his son—who returns kicks like his father at SMU, taking it to the house against Baylor last season and Temple the year before—he has a trust fund.

But Deion Jr. may have been keeping it real ironic. His Twitter bio says “Son, Christian Man, #WellOffForever.” And if Neon Deion can play Leon Sandcastle, can’t his son play Sanford’s son?