Ronda Rousey Wouldn’t Fight Floyd Mayweather ‘Unless We Ended Up Dating’

Ronda Rousey AP

Ronda Rousey stars in Entourage. Floyd Mayweather travels in an entourage. Beyond this, never the twain shall meet.

When asked about Ronda Rousey last year, Floyd Mayweather legitimately appeared perplexed about not only about the identity of the UFC’s 135-pound women’s champion, but about Rousey’s gender as well. When asked about Floyd Mayweather this week, Ronda Rousey appeared eager to highlight the identity and gender, however obliquely, of several of the undefeated boxer’s alleged fight partners.

“I would never say that I can’t beat anyone,” Rousey told Access Hollywood in response to a question about a hypothetical intergender bout. “I don’t think me and [Mayweather] would ever fight unless we ended up dating.”

Mayweather served time for domestic violence and faced accusations of abuse from multiple past paramours. Apart from the allegations of abuse, Mayweather’s ignorance of Rousey’s exploits appear to possibly still annoy the Olympic judoka.

Last year, the undefeated welterweight responded with “I don’t know who he is” to a question about how he might fare against Ronda Rousey. A female voice informed a confused Mayweather, “That’s a woman.”