Lord of the Rings: New England Patriots Receive Gaudy SB Bling

Tom Brady
New England Patriots

The New England Patriots presented the largest Super Bowl rings in history to its team on Sunday night.

“I have been blessed to host four Super Bowl ring ceremonies, and just like the rings we present, we have tried to make each ceremony a little bigger and a little better than the one before,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft noted. “Football is the consummate team sport. These championship rings represent all that the team endured and overcame together. The players on this team will forever be bound by the memories this ring represents.”

Wiz Khalifa, whose track “Yellow and Black” gives an indication where his loyalties lie, entertained at the Robert Kraft-hosted party. While since departed defensive back Darrelle Revis did not return, nose guard Vince Wilfork, now with the Houston Texans, did. Tom Brady wore all four of his Super Bowl rings. Bill Belichick sported six.

The rings came to the players after dinner as the dessert.

The gaudy, supersized rings feature 205 diamonds over white gold. The face of the ring, created by Jostens, depicts four Lombardi Trophies and the Flying Elvis Patriots insignia. The words “We Are All Patriots” are engraved on the underside. On one side of the ring, the Belichickism “Do Your Job” appears.