Finals MVP Andre Iguodala Bought D.C. Strip Club for the Land, Not the Ladies

Andre Iguodala, LeBron James
The Associated Press

Golden State Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala dropped 25 points in the bucket Tuesday night en route to an NBA Finals MVP award. Don’t expect him to drop $25K at the strip club in celebration.

Iguodala, the first man to win a Bill Russell Finals MVP Award without starting a game during the regular season, made an irregular investment in 2012. He purchased a $2.2 million note on a Washington, D.C., strip club.

The Washington City Paper explains:

Stadium Club isn’t exactly a no-fuss place to stash your basketball earnings. Atlanta rappers Migos brawled with a rival rap crew there last year. Rapper Drake made headlines after storming into the club with wads of singles in an attempt to settle a beef. Under previous management, the club was sued by a former dancer for alleged sexual extortion, and the District government briefly seized the building on Queens Chapel Road NE over one owner’s unpaid tax debts.

Maybe it’s no surprise, then, that Iguodala wants nothing to do with the club.

The Finals MVP allegedly bought the club for the land, not for the ladies. Located in Northeast D.C., the Stadium Club sits amidst a series of unattractive brick and concrete industrial buildings on a pedestrian unfriendly street. Foggy Bottom, it is not.

So troubled by the club’s troubles, Iguodala reportedly gave away his stake to a business associate. In return, the associate provides money management for the basketball star and he can’t sell without Iguodola’s permission. There’s another catch. Iguodala still owns the land on which the gentleman’s establishment sits.

Don’t expect the Finals MVP to make his way to the meat market with a side steakhouse anytime soon. The Stadium Club’s website encourages patrons to avoid wearing “sports shoes” and “athletic apparel.” And every time we see Andre Iguodala, he wears “sports shoes” and “athletic apparel.”

Maybe the proprietors feel about Iguodala the way he feels about the club.

Remember this one thing: there’s no sex in the champagne room.