Who Won Democrat Presidential Debate? ISIS, Says Curt Schilling

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Curt Schilling declared ISIS the winner of Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

The verdict came after Donald Trump asked his Twitter followers to declare a victor in the made-for-television event.

The Tweet comes less than two months after ESPN suspended the three-time World Series champion for likening the support for terrorists in the Islamic world to the level of backing the Nazis received in Germany prior to taking power. He later engaged in a back-and-forth with an internet troll that effectively ended his regular season at ESPN.

But the former Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox stud pitcher returned to the ESPN studios for the postseason last week. And he did so without muzzling himself on social media.

His remarks on the terrorist group come in the context of its relative absence from the discussion. ISIS disappeared from CNN’s debate much the way Schilling disappeared from ESPN. Whereas the Republican event broadcast on CNN witnessed ISIS namedropped 27 times, CNN’s Democratic debate heard five mentions of ISIS or ISIL.

While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton agreed on her emails, they parted company on ISIS. The Vermont senator advocated that the United States “support those people who are against Assad, against ISIS, without getting us on the ground there.” The former secretary of state, while rejecting the insertion of American ground troops in Syria, spoke of compiling a coalition to defeat ISIS. She reasoned that “what I worry about is what will happen with ISIS gaining more territory, having more reach, and, frankly, posing a threat to our friends and neighbors in the region and far beyond.” Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley pegged ISIS as the biggest threat facing America along with a nuclear Iran and global warming.


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