TJ Ward on Cam Newton’s Fumble Flub: ‘Maybe He Needed to Stay Healthy for Next Year’

The Associated Press

The underdog victors continue to gloat over the Super Bowl performance of one of the league’s biggest gloaters.

Broncos players, like Panthers fans, focus on Cam Newton’s hesitation to recover his own fumble after a Von Miller strip sack with a little over four minutes remaining in a winnable game for Carolina.

“If he would have touched that ball, I was gonna hit him right in his face, and I wasn’t the only one,” T.J. Ward, who recovered Newton’s fourth quarter fumble, told “We were hungry for that one. We saw that ball and it was like hyenas on an antelope. And I don’t know — maybe he needed to stay healthy for next year.”

“He tapped out,” fellow Broncos defensive back Aqib Talib theorized about Newton, normally a QB not afraid to take a hit, hesitating to recover the loose ball. “Yeah, he didn’t want it.”

Newton spent much of his spectacular season striking a Superman shirt-ripping pose, making demonstrative first-down gestures, and dabbing. The show-boating didn’t sit well with the Broncos, especially Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

Jus Dab!!!

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After the 24-10 victory, Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips offered: “too much Dab will undo you!”


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