NY Daily News Headline on Rex Introducing Trump Shows Why Paper Bleeds Readers

New York Daily News
Dan Leberfeld

The day after Bills coach Rex Ryan introduced Donald Trump at a Buffalo rally, the New York Daily News front page read, “HE’S WITH STUPID, TOO!”

The Daily News had turned Trump-bashing into a cottage industry. But you have wonder who qualifies as “stupid” here.

The Daily News loses a reported $20-30 million a year. Owner Mort Zuckerman attempted to sell the paper last year, but took it off the market after failing to get a serious bid. Cablevision chief James Dolan offered $1.

Daily News editor Jim Rich seems to be a fan of the juvenile salvo “stupid” when it comes to attacking Trump.

When Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, they went with “I’M WITH STUPID” on their front page.

But who is truly “stupid” here?

The Daily News which has been run into the ground, or Trump who turned $200,000 into $4.5 billion? Who is “stupid,” the Daily News which is running on a skeleton staff due to myriad layoffs, or Trump who employees thousands of people?

And if Rex Ryan is “with stupid,” it stands to reason the News feels the same way about the 20,000 who attended the First Niagara Center rally.

On Tuesday, Trump garnered 60.4 percent of the vote in his landslide win in the New York primary. Does the Daily News think 542,932 people who voted for him are also “stupid?” If so, that is a pretty “stupid” business approach, considering many of those people live in their market.

The Daily News railed against people who said “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of the San Bernardino terror attack, and went with the front page headline, “GOD ISN’T GOING TO FIX THIS.”

Well, thoughts and prayers to the Daily News as they struggle to stay alive. God isn’t going to fix this. But maybe “stupid” Donald Trump can make an offer to save them.