Sacramento Kings Give Fans Free Tattoos of New Logo

Sacramento Kings Logo

The Sacramento Kings failed to give their fans a playoff berth during the last decade. But today they give a limited number of their devotees tattoos.

The Kings pay for tattoos of their new logo at five parlors around California’s capital city. The purple-and-gray logo looks a lot like the old red-and-blue insignia of the Kansas City Kings with a slanted skyline crown atop a basketball. A few alternative logos give the team additional marketing options and give the ink enthusiasts choices. Who wants to stop at just one Sacramento Kings tattoo, after all?

“When it looked like our team might not stay, our city stood together to rescue it,” the Kings note on their website. “To commemorate this bond, Sac is emblazoned on the logo crown, because when you root for the Kings, you’re rooting for Sacramento.”

Didn’t Midwesterners once think that when you root for the Kings, you root for Kansas City?

The new logo comes atop a new arena and a new coach. The team calls it “The New Era of Proud.”

“In Sacramento,” the Madison Avenue schlock insists, “we are all Kings.”

The ink is permanent. The team isn’t. Just ask that sad, old guy with the Rochester Royals tattoo.