Former Vikings Punter Blames NRA For Murder-Suicide on UCLA Campus

Chris Kluwe
Tony Webster/Flickr

At 10:51 a.m. Pacific time—roughly an hour after news broke that a shooting had occurred on the UCLA campus—former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe took to twitter to blame “gun nuts and [the] NRA” for the incident.

Kluwe quoted a Val Gratias tweet from 10:24 a.m in which she conveyed news that the LAPD was on “tactical alert” and there were two victims on the UCLA campus. He then tweeted: “Thanks, gun nuts and NRA. Just. Thanks. You do so much for the world. So. F**king. Much. Harm.”

Ironically, it turns out the shooting was a “murder/suicide,” which LAPD chief Charlie Beck believes to have been “entirely contained” in one area. It was not a mass shooting or a school shooting but a homicide.

Kluwe also tweeted, “It is empirically proven that gun control leads to less gun deaths (Australia, Europe, Japan).”

Kluwe missed the fact that the UCLA murder/suicide took place on a gun-free campus; that is, a campus with 100 percent gun control.  In other words, his list of places that have stringent gun control should have included UCLA.

If anything, the murder/suicide at UCLA simply confirms the truth that gun control only controls law-abiding citizens.

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