Half of Brazilians Oppose Rio Olympics

The Associated Press

Half of Brazilians oppose their nation hosting the Olympic Games, according to a new survey.

A Datafolha poll of 2,792 Brazilians reports that 50 percent of the country opposes the event, 40 percent support it, and nine percent expresses indifference.

Disinterest appears greatest among women, older Brazilians, southerners, and the less educated. “During the period, the disinterest with the Olympics grew,” the poll takers note of the period from 2013 to now. “The Brazilian rate that declared they have no interest in the sporting event rose from 28% to 51%. Already, the rate of much interest decreased from 35% to 16% and the rate of a bit of interest was 37% to 33%.”

The specter of crime, the Zika virus, polluted waters, and infrastructure problems all haunt the games. Brazilians worry that one or more of these issues might bring embarrassment to their nation.

A Google translation of the original article notes that “63% said that holding the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro brings more harm than benefits for Brazilians (was 38%), 29% which brings more benefits than losses (it was 51% ), and 8% did not answer (was 11%). The same occurs when the situation is placed personal. For 51%, the Games brings more harm than good to himself (was 37%) to 19% more benefits than losses (was 46%) and 30% did not answer (was 17%).”

The response to the poll represents a reversal of sorts for Brazilians, who harbored high hopes for the Olympics but in the wake of recession and political instability now view the games more grimly. In 2013, 64 percent of Brazilians supported bringing the games to their country while only 25 percent opposed.


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