Cleveland Weatherman Finally Shaves, Waited Months for Browns Win

Danny Shelton, Jamie Meder
The Associated Press
Cleveland, OH

Beards have become trendy. The Browns losing has also become trendy. Put those two things together, and you have the makings of one ferocious facial-mane.

Those two trends combined on the face of Scott Sabol, a weatherman in Cleveland who pledged to not shave until the Browns won a game. That tug-of-war between basic hygiene and athletic futility reached its climax on Saturday when the Browns beat the Chargers, ending Sabol’s “no shave” pledge at 109 days.

Of course, it had been a lot longer than 109 days since the Browns had last won a game. Sabol would have had to register his beard as a national forest had he grown it for the entire 376 days that have elapsed between Browns victories. Still though, Sabol’s beard game was exceptionally strong.

Sabol documented the demise of his facial monument to Cleveland’s futility:

Sabol summed up his life as Sasquatch on his blog:

Most people understood the intention was not a serious one even as the “0-for” beard evolved. I’ve always been a Browns fan since I was a kid. I remember the glory days of the 1980s. I remember the day the Browns left in 1995. I remember walking into old Cleveland Stadium to buy a seat in 1996. My basement is decorated in Cleveland sports memorabilia spanning 30 plus years. This season was as tough for me as it was for all of Cleveland. I can’t imagine how tough this has been on the Browns organization.

So I want to thank everyone who has followed this since September 8th. Its December 25th. I just finished applying some Beard Oil to my 106 day old growth knowing that the end of the beard is at hand. My family is rejoicing. It’s truly been an exciting ride.

That ride is over.

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