Bobby Bowden Says Boys Without Fathers Wear Earrings to be More Like Their Mothers

Bowden calls Jameis Winston an embarrassment

Bobby Bowden has quite the theory when it comes to the topic of men who wear earrings.

While appearing on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” radio program, Bowden broached the topic of athletes who grow up without male influences in the household. Not an altogether crazy or outlandish topic for a coach who has much experience dealing with athletes from broken homes.

Yet, where Bowden went next definitely raised some eyebrows. Bowden said, “During my last days at Florida State, 65 to 70 percent of my boys did not have a daddy at home. They’re raised by mommas. Thank God for them mommas, or grandmommas. Or big sister, or aunt. But where’s the man?

“A boy needs a male figure, and the girls do, too. Somebody to discipline them and make them be a man. I used to kid about this, they grew up wanting to be like their momma. They want to be a man like their momma, that’s why they wear earrings.”

Color me confused as well by the whole male earring phenomenon. Though, until now, I hadn’t quite considered that explanation.

Yet, just when you thought nothing else Bowden could say in this interview would grab your attention like that, he was asked for an example of how far he ever went to sign a recruit. Bowden told this tale, “Slept in a boy’s bed the night before signing day while other coaches were out in the front yard waiting for seven o’clock. Slept in his bed that night, got up and ate breakfast. His momma cooked me breakfast. I knew I had him.

“That was back when you could do that. You can’t do that anymore.”

Was there ever really a time when you could do that?

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