Newly Elected District Attorney Sports Cowboys Jersey in Private Swear-In

AP Photo
The Associated Press

On Sunday, the new district attorney in Nueces County, TX, wore a Dallas Cowboys Cole Beasley jersey during his private swearing-in ceremony.

Democrat Mark Gonzalez, a career defense lawyer with the words “Not Guilty” tattooed on his chest, took his oath of office during Sunday’s Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles matchup in front of many attendees also decked out in support for the 13-3 NFC East champs.

In regards to some criticism he has received for sporting the jersey for a serious occasion, Gonzalez said via USA Today, “I think if they understood it was in a very small courthouse where I grew up in front of nothing but my family and very close friends, they would see it in a different light. I have complete respect for the office I’m taking and that’s why I’ve been working hard since day one.”

Gonzalez will not wear a jersey to his public swear-in next week, but he does plan to wear a Cowboys tie or lapel.

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