VIDEO: Bill Walton Uses College Football Show to Preach on Marijuana, Encourage Obama to ‘Amnesty’ Offenders

Bill Walton

Former NBA and NCAA basketball great Bill Walton took part in the “ESPN Voices” portion of the College Football Playoff Megacast. Apparently emboldened by his “Uncle Sam” outfit, Walton eventually decided to divert from the subject of college football and delve into something far more political.

During the halftime segment, Walton made a bid for the downgrading of marijuana’s illegal status and explained how President Obama could deal with past marijuana transgressors:


While Walton’s speech evidently received great praise from half of the room, the blank expression of ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas brought up some interesting questions. Does Bilas agree with Walton and, therefore, feels no need to make a visible expression of agreement? Or, is he mortified at this whacked-out leftist in the “Uncle Sam” getup and his calls for amnesty?

Perhaps Bilas realizes that he technically works for Disney and thus has no desire to outwardly express solidarity with the cause of marijuana decriminalization. Though, with that ability to go completely stone-faced, Jay Bilas is probably one heck of a poker player.

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